Social Media and Politics

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Today is September 1, 2020 and the USA has 62 days and counting until the election of the next President of the United States. This is not going to be a political post, as to which candidate is the best for the job, this blog is about “US” the ones that suffer thru the endless political rants and memes that clutter our social media feed.

I can not possibly be the only one – no it has to be many more people like me that every 4 years there is a “Purge” of your Social Media contacts during elections. Now, I am a little older so I don’t have an endless amount of people as my Social Media “Friends” and, out of those, about 30 percent are actually really close friends or family members. These “friends” are the same ones you see at the office each and every day and sign up for the office pot luck to bring your very best dip, talk about your kids, the antics of the family pets and share vacation pics. What about the long lost high school classmates that you share the fondest memories of your school years, the cheering of the football team, sharing the news of getting your driving license, prom and all of the funny stories that are stored in your memory box and year books. Let’s not speak of the church friends that you see weekly, join small groups with and have the best of times uplifting each other. How can these same people turn into theses radical commentators about their opinions on the elections, the candidates and political parties????? What in the world happens during election time????? Now, do not get me wrong, it is nothing wrong with having political opinions or any others and having the freedom of sharing it via your own social media account, not what I am eluding to at all BUT does it have to be so vicious and nasty toward others just because we have a difference of opinion and do they not realize that we can see their feed.

OK, I have just finished my day of errands, work and dinner preparation and I just want to click on my social media feed, scroll and catch up on people lives…. you know the normal stuff…funny kids pics, who dared to update their status to single, in a relationship, engaged, vacation pics, critic your friends as you shake your head at the screen thinking “bless their little hearts they had no one to tell them that all outfits in the store are not made for everyone” before they posted that photo that we can all quietly, in our homes, pass judgement on Before you head over to Tik Tok to get your evening chuckles and then THERE IT IS one of the friends that, YES, I accepted their friend request saying that the second coming of Christ is going to happen on November 4th if we elect this or that candidate, that if you are a part of one or the other political party that you must be an idiot and is a part of the “Left” that well have your name sketched in the Books of Hell that you assisted in the ending of the world. These are the same people that you have been out to dinner with and you assume that they have some small idea of the person that you are. These same people are posting memes stating that “ALL” people of a certain race, political party or gender should be placed in one giant category together. What happens every 4 years???

Sometimes, I think that the innocence of our beautiful kids should be allowed to make the rules. Everyone that has been “good” gets to vote. There is a rule that the ones that have been placed in time out (jail) can’t vote depending on how many stars you have on the teacher’s board. The popular vote wins!!! It does not matter if you are in Mr. Jones’ Math Class (live in the city) or Mrs. Turner’s Science Class (live in the suburbs) you can still vote. None of the students from Mr. Jones’s Class (city) will venture out to Mrs. Turner’s class (suburbs) and destroy the classroom – all the kids are the same. If you were absent because you tricked your parents into believing that you were sick, but actually you didn’t completed your science project, you can send an absentee ballot via the office (mail) and it will still be counted. We will not allow the students that have the honor of wearing the coveted yellow sash as the hall monitors (Police) trip or push (police brutality) students that they do not like because of the color of their t-shirts (race) get away with it without being sent to the principal’s office (authority) to be handled which also included the dreaded call to your parents – while they are at work, to say the least, to let them know you are in trouble. Who wants that!!!!

I truly know that this is a very important election and maybe one of the most important votes that our country has had in a long time. I know the power that each and every one of us have in voting, I urge you to take advantage of it, but I just wanted to take a brief moment to make light of how behind the key strokes of our smart phones and laptops that we find it necessary to tear down our fellow man via social media. Can it be that this is how one truly feels and just afraid to say it to someone’s face. The bigger question is why are we afraid and, most importantly, of what and maybe…….just maybe, if we just spoke to each other, we can work thru those feeling of fear. I find it necessary to fast from social media from time to time to keep my mind on what all is good in America and also the things that are wrong and how we can work together to make it better.

May you have a long and blessed life.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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