Starting Over

I can’t believe that it was March 2020 that I was notified that the World as we knew it would be completely turned upside down due to Covid-19. Like a large number of Americans, I was in the casualty of losing my job. Now, I am going to be completely honest, the job that I lost was the same job that I have dreamed of leaving for the past few years; full of high demands and held my life hostage from 7:00AM to 7:00PM Monday – Friday. To say the least, I needed a change.

I am so ready to to start a new career but this time I want to enter the world of entrepreneurship. I have been using this time wisely, working on myself, strengthening my Spiritual walk with God, eating better and working on being a better wife and mother. I have also taken a Real Estate class and will be taking my class final the end of August. I am very excited about becoming a Realtor, I actually studied and received my real estate license 16 years ago and being a single Mom at the time, I needed a more reliable income. As I look back over that period in my life, I think I was afraid of the challenge of relying only on commission and to be completely honest – I did not believe in myself that I could do it. In other words, I talked myself out of following my dream. Now as I am older, more confident in myself and capabilities I am going to “DO IT” this time around. I just need to buckle down and study to pass my class final which will then be followed by the State final.

I would love to hear if during this time if you are starting over and making changes in your life…whether it is career, home, family, spiritual. I am sure I am not the only one that is going to be “successful” at Starting Over.

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