Loving Myself

I can only speak for myself but it has been 45 days since I have been home and not working due to Covid-19. I am only one of the millions that has been thrust into the pool of unemployment. I am surprised that I was not as upset to be laid off. After the initial shock of realizing that it was not a dream or should I say a nightmare, I have adjusted like a summer rain…at first the droplets of my life seem to fall slow as I stayed up late watching movies and woke up at 11;00 AM with no guidance or plan for my day. After a few weeks the rain started to come down slowly as I began to at least considered all the things that I could do with this time that I have never had the luxury of enjoying, I started taking walks about 2 or 3 days a week and coming up with a plan. For the past 2 weeks, I feel the summer rain on my face as I am in full bloom – I began to increase my walks to daily and now I have a jog thru out the neighborhood and have lost 7-10 pounds; planted peppers, tomatoes, a variety of lettuce and herbs; organized my closet and prepared donation bags. Funniest thing I have started a YouTube channel (secretly – I have always wanted to but was afraid). My next goal is to start reading and writing more. I love music and I have discovered some really great jazz artist like Robert Glasper to relax and dream to.

I realize now that I am very lucky to have this time to recharge and refocus myself. Yes, that is what I just typed – focus on ME. I do not have to worry about work, making my clients or Director happy. I can just run thru the summer rain freely. Like those cute social media posts of the 3 year old jumping in the puddles….that’s me. It took me a few weeks to realize this but now that the light is on. I am really enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning – not guzzling it down rushing to drive an hour to work. I am perusing book titles to cuddle up and read or play the audible versions while I am playing in the soil planting vegetables and herbs to mix with my “chef like” meals that I am creating. I am smiling and enjoying my runs while my body becomes stronger and healthier. I am enjoying picking up the phone and actually talking to Family and Friends instead of the occasional text.

I am wrapping my arms around myself and falling more and more in Love with the Woman that I am today.

I do not take this gift lightly, I once was the young single Mom living barely paycheck to paycheck so my prayers are with them and all of the precious lives and Families affected by Covid-19.

Would love to hear how you are loving and being my thoughtful and caring to YOU during Covid 19. Please drop a note via email or comment.


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