It is 12:00AM on Monday, April 13th, lavender oil diffuser sending relaxing and calming breezes thru out the air aiding in me to relax and prepare for another day. Since I have not been going to work I have been staying up later (I am somewhat of a night owl anyway).

I am amazed that I have spent Easter Sunday all day in my home. I am a Southern Girl, from South Georgia, where Easter is a major event. Annual church Easter Egg hunts with colored eggs donated by each Family. A southern cookout that makes my mouth water even as I think of it today. Barbecue chicken, baby back ribs (as I have updated my diet – I no longer eat beef – OK with the exception of when I have a overwhelming desire for a great beef burger), southern potato salad (there is a difference), Angel eggs (you may call them Devil eggs), delicious cakes and everything that a southern barbecue has to offer. Sunday Church serviced with the ladies in their big fancy hats that you have to make sure that you do not sit behind them in church or you will not have a good view of the Sunday service. This year it was Church service online in my pajamas with coffee.

I always try my very best to see the glass half full instead of half empty. I am really trying do this in our new era of Covid-19. I am a Christian and I hope that this does not turn some people off and make you stop reading. I don’t apologize for this but I realize in the world that we live in today tht some people do not believe in God or a higher power. I have to and need to believe that this is the time that God has given me and our world to Recharge and renew our focus. I am in Sales and what comes along with that is that I am always on the Go. Up at 5:30 AM to read and meditate followed by two cups of coffee, getting ready and jumping in the car to make the 50 minute (this is on a good day – I have had days that I have been in my car for 1 hour and 30 minutes or more) drive to the city to make sure that I am ready for a daily 8:30AM meeting followed by contract negotiations, prospecting, conference calls, site visits, client entertainment events, meeting and then leaving the office around 6:00 or 6:30 PM or later for the 45 to 50 minute drive back home. On top of this, second quarter is also my busiest business travel month – I usually have 3 or 4 travel trips to D.C, Chicago and and an array of trade shows to try to secure clients. To be very honest, I am taking a very deep breath and I am so glad that I am not on the road, not attached to my work cell phone, not rushing down the expressway to get to work and not having the pressure of achieving a million dollar quarterly goal. I am actually relieved. Please do not think that I am happy about Covid-19 and the tragic effect that it has caused to our country and world. I pray for the families and friends that have lost love ones and I cannot respect and appreciate the doctors, nurses and essential workers that have been on the front lines making the sacrifices to ensure our safety.

I do feel like this is a time for ME to love myself, take time for myself, relax ( this is the most time I have been off since the summer of my 15 year of life. I got a summer job at Wendy’s at 16 years old and I have been working ever since) focus on what is important to me and my life. My Faith, my husband, my daughter and Family and Friends….I actually want do something in this next chapter of my life that I really really enjoy and feel like I am impacting the world. I am recharging……….

Please send me a note or email if you have similar feelings or even contradicting emotions on this topic. I would love to hear from you and start a conversation, until next time.

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